Calm Conscious Sedation

"We are here to help you get your confidence back"

Feel relaxed and worry free. Our trained and extremely understanding, conscientious staff will listen to your particular worries and concerns. We understand that some patients are apprehensive about attending the dental practice. The very thought of treatment worries them. Fear of the unknown and past experiences can be immensely strong deterrents to having dental treatment.

Nowadays there are many methods to help calm and relax you before treatment begins.

Neil Sampson has been administering IV Sedation since 1987, and as you would expect the surgery is fully equipped to perform the very safe Conscious sedation while you have your treatment. We currently offer extractions and dental implants under sedation.

Conscious sedation very gently relaxes anxious feelings to give you a more pleasant experience. It provides a calming twilight sleep making you drowsy and relaxed. The dentist is always able to speak to you.

People of all ages and backgrounds are affected by dental anxiety. Most people can be treated with TLC and they are able to have dental procedures carried out as usual. However for some their anxiety prevents them from having essential dental treatment carried out.

Dental Sedation allows an anxious patient to be sedated just enough to be pain-free and unaware of the treatment being carried out.  Dental sedation is a safe and reliable method of providing dental treatment and care to patients who would not otherwise be able to have treatment.

Leave your worries at home and take the first step to towards a better smile. Visit our dental implants website at or call now for more information.