Your Smile

Your smile is the visible expression of your personality.

Here at Ghyllmount, after a careful discussion of your needs we can offer you a choice of the latest techniques to improve and maintain your smile. We are happy to talk over your wish-list and with the use of visual aids can explain what can be achieved. Tell us what is important to you!

Airflow Stain Removal

Airflow is a flavoured jet of powder and water which gently removes the surface stains from your teeth. Ideal for removing stubborn tea, coffee, wine or smoke stains.

For great results we usually book this as an extra boost to your smile after a hygiene visit. Your teeth will feel fantastically smooth and fresh after AIRFLOW polishing.

Tooth Whitening

To achieve a white, bright smile, we provide you with custom made trays which are used at home for a gradual but exceptionally effective whitening. The trays are worn for around 4-6 hours at a time, and treatment time usually vary from 2-4 weeks wear.

"I saw really quick results, I am really happy with how white my teeth are now"

Some cosmetic treatments explained;

White fillings

Tooth coloured Composite resin fillings can be used to restore broken down or decayed teeth. These are adhesive and form a seal on the tooth as they are physically bonded to it. For larger restorations your dentist may guide you towards a laboratory made solution such as an inlay.

Cosmetic Bonding

By using dental resins we can restore chipped or broken teeth, fill in small gaps or reshape your smile in one easy visit. A local anaesthetic is usually not necessary.


When strength is an issue or a restoration has become very large, we can shape a tooth for an inlay. A mould is taken of this detailed shape. Our highly skilled laboratory technician will then handcraft a unique inlay in porcelain or gold as required. This is then cemented to the tooth for a precision fit.


A veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain, which is bonded to the front teeth to create a beautiful appearance. They can be solutions for correcting crooked, broken, crowded or discoloured teeth.


Crowns cover the entire visible tooth surface. They can be used for strength and beauty when a tooth is worn or badly broken down. Crowns can also be used to dramatically re-design your smile when you want to change tooth shape, position or colour.

Teeth are precisely shaped for crowns and a mould is taken. Great care is taken whilst the shade and character of the teeth is discussed. Temporary crowns or prototypes are fitted whilst our laboratory technician attends to the art of making of your porcelain crowns. The crowns are then tried in and with your approval bonded to the tooth. Various options are available for crowns. We currently offer Procera, Empress and Porcelain bonded crowns.

Further information

Further information is available from the British Dental Health Foundation

   Visit the BDHF Website